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Self Soothe Box for anxiety and low moods

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

When we become overwhelmed by our emotions such as sadness, anger, and anxiety we can get stuck in a dark and negative place. Having some personal items that help to comfort you, to use as a distraction, and also a reminder that life isn't necessarily all bad can bring us the comfort we need in that moment.

I have put together some suggestions of things for your box but remember everyone is different and tailor it to your own needs.


  • List of goals, places you want to visit, a book you are waiting to read

  • Pictures of people or places that are important to you.

  • Reminders of your successes and achievements

  • Inspirational quotes or a poem that helps you.

  • If you feel able to write down your strengths and qualities. If that's too hard ask your loved ones to do it.

  • Colouring book and crayons

  • Reading book

  • Instructions/reminders of breathing exercises


  • Scented candles,

  • Essential oils,

  • Nice hand cream

  • Perfume


  • Fluffy socks

  • Handwarmer

  • Stress ball

  • Ribbon

  • Fidget toys

  • Play doh

  • Smooth/rough pebble


  • Piece of chocolate,

  • Sachet of your favourite tea

  • Mints

  • Sour sweet


  • Meditation app

  • Playlist

  • Recorded message of support or love from yourself or someone you are close to

  • Audio book

  • White noise

  • Podcast

What else could I include.

  • Reminders of help lines such as SHOUT, the Samaritans or trusted people to call

  • Reminders of ideas for self care suggestions like have a bath, go for a walk, meet a friend

The idea is not to stop us feeling the emotion but to stop ourselves from being washed away by it. Being able to ground ourselves when we feel overwhelmed by our emotions will help and putting together your own personal self soothe box gives you tools to hand be able to do this.

If you are struggling and would like my support as a counsellor please don't hesitate to reach out for a no obligation chat or book in a session.

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