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Our relationship with ourselves

Right from a young age we are taught about how to treat others but not so much about how we should treat ourselves.

We are taught the importance of being kind to the people we care about.

We are told the way to treat others is to show understanding and compassion to them. To support them when they are troubled. Tell them it ok when they are scared. That we love them no matter what.

We know not to overly berate them when they do wrong. Not to say mean stuff about their appearance, their abilities or their personalities. Not to have unachievable expectations of them and criticize them when they can't meet them.

We know that treating a person well, helps them to feel loved valued and respected. We also know that treating people harshly impacts their confidence, and their self worth.

All too often this negative and damaging way is how we treat ourselves.

We are all taught

"Treat others how we wished to be treated"

Well how about

"Treat ourselves how we wish to be treated"

Identify and challenge those pesky critical thoughts.

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