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I will be returning to face to face counselling from August following  social distancing measures. I will also continue to offer online to those who prefer to work that way


If you're visiting my page then perhaps there's something in your life that's troubling you?

Perhaps it's something specific like a bereavement or an issue in a relationship, or you're struggling with anxiety, or perhaps you've experienced some kind of trauma.

Are you feeling anxious, irritable, or angry. Perhaps you may be sad or disappointed or just feel off.

It maybe that you feel OK and would like a place that helps you to keep your positive mental well being by providing you with extra support in your life.

​Whatever it is that you may be feeling, your feelings are valid and they are important.
Your story matters and It is OK to seek some help to make sense of whatever may be troubling you.

Counselling can empower you to change, heal and move forward into a more positive and rewarding life.

Taking the first step towards counselling may be difficult. With this in mind please feel free to fill out the contact form, email, phone or text me if you have any questions about starting therapy. 

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