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What To Expect

I provide both short and long term counselling for individuals. The sessions are 50 minutes long and during this time we will look at the issues or concerns you choose to bring to the sessions. Sessions then usually take place on a weekly basis.


I am an integrative counsellor which means I can combine different therapeutic tools and approaches to fit each clients individual needs.  My core approach is Person Centred but I also use CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) or TA (Transactional Analysis)I also can work quite creatively and offer the opportunity to use creative means to explore your issues and worries. This will only be introduced if it is something that you are comfortable trying and we feel that it may be beneficial within your counselling sessions. This doesn't mean you have to be good at art,  just open to what may come up for you.

Let me reassure you that as a counsellor I will not be telling you what you should or shouldn't be doing in your life, instead its about helping you to find you to explore whats right for you in your life.

 In the first session we will look at our working agreement. This covers confidentiality, boundaries, concerns and questions. Together we can look at any goals you may have for counselling, the approach to use, and how many sessions you may wish to start with. This is a chance to see if we are a comfortable fit and if we can work together to build a secure and safe counselling relationship.


I will stay beside you throughout the painful parts of your life, helping you to navigate a way through. 

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